GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS! FROM ERASMUS OF AMERICA – JUNE 4, 2014 – 5:51 PM PLUS My Answer To The Viper King of the Rothschilds.(COPY 4 PM)

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Fact this happened. When this happened in Portugal, in Europe, even the New York Times apparently reported on the following when it happened and it was widely reported on in Portugal once it happened. Three children of Portugal said that the Virgin Mary had appeared to them each month starting in May on the 13th each month and promised a great Miracle of God would occur in Portugal on Oct. 13, 1917.  The crowd assembling for that day of Oct. 13, 1917 was estimated to be as big as 70,000 to 100,000 people there including newspaper reporters. The area had been drenched in heavy rain for hours and many of the people stood in deep pools of mud and their clothes drenched from the steady, heavy rain. At the prophesied time, the rain stopped, the sun came out and then for maybe 12 minutes spun around in the sky and sent out multi-color shafts of lights across the sky. This was seen for around 20 to 32 miles radius around Fatima when this “Miracle Of The Sun” appeared. Then it looked like the Sun was plunging towards the earth and many people were thrown into panic by this. Then it went back up into the sky. One of the key things that happened showing that this was no illusion is that the clothes of all the people were now dry whereas they had been drenched in rain just before this startling display of the sun. Also, the pools and puddles of water from steady rain were now instantly gone and the ground suddenly dry.
The three children said that the Virgin Mary had given a message. War was a punishment from God for the sins of mankind. World War I would shortly stop, but later a World War II more terrible than World War I would occur if the people did not turn back to God. Then a World World War III terrible beyond human imagination could occur and entire nations be annihilated if the people did not turn back to God before this. Also, the children had given out a message that a terrible movement would now take over Russia and spread evil and atheism across the world. This movement would persecute and create wars as demonstrations of the evil driving it. Later this was obviously recognized as the Communist takeover of prior Czarist Russia which occurred after the Miracle of Fatima.
Presenting this by common sense logic and different than the churches would. This Miracle of Fatima on October 17, 1917 was either from God or else the enemy of God called Satan. It was supernatural in reality and witnessed by so many thousands of witnesses including newspaper reporters who stunned by it reported on what they had witnessed as it happened for reality and not hallucination. This shows that regardless which side was behind Fatima, this shows a fight between God and Satan for the hearts, and minds of mankind. A supernatural fight like this for the hearts and souls of mankind shows the confirmed existence of God and a fight going on between good and evil for mankind on earth.

Twice in the New Testament Jesus rebukes His own disciples not to stop independent faith healers coming in His name and healing people for real by praying in His name for the healing of others. Jesus says to His disciples that he who is not against us is for us. In both the Catholic and Protestant churches, upset elders of the churches watch independent Christians suddenly manifest stunning healing Miracles of God when praying in the Name of Jesus for their healing. The Catholic side includes such as St. Padre Pio who was still alive through World War II and part of the Cold War between America and Russia back then. He stunned Catholic sources by constant stunning Miracle of God for 50 years while he bore the wounds of Christ on his body for 50 years. He told people secrets of their lives, and displayed other forms of supernatural knowledge which stunned people. He was born in 1887 and died in 1968.
He wrote a letter to me while I was in military school and indicated that God wanted me to heal the wounds of Christianity and lead Christians of good heart from both sides back to common ground through early Apostolic Christianity. This was amazing as I was a Protestant, not Catholic, when I got this letter from him in San Foggia, Italy. And he told me a stunning secret I had shared with no one. His knowledge was supernatural.
If you look up the history to the feast days in the Catholic Church, you find hundreds who had stunning Miracles of God in their personal lives from the first days of Christianity to our modern times including St. Padre Pio who with widespread Catholic approval was recently canonized a saint in the Catholic Church.
And in the Protestant side, many in the Protestant side are uncomfortable with Miracles of God as maybe they don’t want God to interfere or try to influence their own private lives. We have many who have arisen who has displayed stunning Miracles of God. Rev. Ernest Angley of Akron, Ohio for I think 60 years now has displayed a constant demonstration of stunning Miracles of God when he prayed for people in the Name of Jesus. He has probably seen maybe two to three million people healed by Miracles of God from even such as terminal Cancer, terminal A.I.D.S., deaf, blind, and a huge multitude of other tragic ailments and diseases of mankind. The newspapers do not like stunning Miracles of God so do not publicize these Miracles of God which have occurred in America for likely 60 years now nor the Miracles of God which have occurred in Africa, Europe, etc. And many churches do not publicize these as they try to tell God not to perform Miracles of God in our modern times as it upsets their comfortable version of Christianity where God requires nothing of them as Christians. They want a sleeping Christianity, not an active Christianity working to win America back to God, Europe back to God, etc.

We have the Reinhold Bonnke Crusades which have won millions of the people in Africa to Christianity by stunning Miracles of God. The supreme Miracle of God is when Pastor Dan of Nigeria dead for basically three days was brought back to life at a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade in Nigeria. Once brought back to life after being brought from the morgue by his wife who demanded a miracle of resurrection for her husband as promised in Hebrews and amazing woman as she was, she got her requested Miracle of God. He died on Nov. 30, 2001 and when resurrected back to life three days later, he testified of seeing Jesus in Paradise, seeing Hell where those who hate God get damned to for all eternity, and he brought two messages back from Jesus he indicated. The one message most heard was that Jesus was returning soon and the Christians were not ready for the return of Jesus to the Earth. The other message not played up was that the wealth of the wicked was stored up for the righteous (promised in the Old Testament) and would be transferred to the righteous before Jesus returned. This was understood so they could do good with this money and help prepare for the return of Jesus to earth by evangelizing the Earth, etc.
Many Protestants have also displayed stunning gifts of Miracles of God like the Catholic Church has had, but since the Protestants do not canonize their saints like the Catholic Church does, they are not normally publicized like the Catholic saints. Canonization does not make them saints, just gives official recognition that they are obvious saints of God for real.

Reverse population figures from world almanacs, etc. and the human race according  to this reverse math says that the human race has only been on this earth for a few thousand years so far. Two British scientists discovered enzymes in all living cells which will not let them mutate to new life forms. This has been censored from science courses because it means that the Theory of Evolution is not science, but nonsense. Early Christianity faced the same theory of evolution as taught first by the Greek philosopher Epicurus before time of Christ. The Christians answered this back in the Roman Empire days with these answers among others, “Which came first, the tree or the seed? The chicken or the egg?” This showed God started life, not random chance called evolution! An Australian astronomer took all the studies of the speed of light from when science started measuring it, found a mathematical curve showing it had been once been at speed of infinity and then slowed down. His curve as I understand confirmed by some Russian mathematicians indicated that the universe itself was created in a sudden explosion and the light started out across the universe at the speed of infinity. The mathematical curve indicated that this great explosion creating the universe occurred a few thousand years ago! Maybe Genesis of the Bible is more factual than many realize!
For those who want to win America back to God, this report is a smart starting point. I presented Christian facts more effectively for most people to understand than most of the Christians do as they do not know how to effectively present credible reasons why to believe in God. And as Dr. Richard Eby who was a good friend of mine and dead for around 18 hours or so in Chicago and then resurrected back to life, he told me that Jesus said to him in Paradise that the Theory of Evolution was a lie invented by Satan to try and trick the people out of believing Genesis and other parts of the Bible! I merely repeat what a prior dead man told me of his visit to Paradise. He also was shown Hell for those who hate God and never want to live with God for all eternity!
A Dr. Henderson has his drive to pass an Omni Law that he wrote and I have a very different Omni Law that I wrote. The full name of my proposed Omni Law is Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America. His legal concept is I understand how to disinherit Americans out of living in North America and turning it over to Islamic claim if I understood him right when once listening to him over the internet. He referred to Spanish Moors having first claim to America and they were Muslims if I remember my history correctly! His request for DNA samples is to prove whether you are of Spanish Moorish ancestry or not if I understood him correctly when I heard him speak that day.
Smart people who have analyzed my Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America say that this is so powerful that it should restore control of the federal government back to the American people who have a runaway government they cannot control at this time! Pass it and you block the massive high treason now going on in Wash., D.C. I lived in Wash., D.C. for many years and know many of their secrets they hide from you. One of the Rothschilds once boasted to me that he and some of his banking associates were the secret government of America and the American people did not run Wash., D.C. but them!
My website with the Omni Law posted on it iswww.fastboomamericaneconomy.com The email isfastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com Our mailing address for orders by mail instead of through this website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679.
In my Business Plan For The Vatican Endorsed Food Process posted on Nesara News the other day, you will see my regular name given there as well as my usual Pen Name of Erasmus Of America. I however also had several dozen apparent federal murder attempts on my life as corrupt Wash., D.C. does not want this God-given super health food for the American people. As Fortune Magazine reported federal dirty trick operations starting early as 1943 to stop the American people from getting this super health food endorsed by the Vatican even though my father was Protestant, not Catholic, this means that Wash., D.C. for over 70 years has used many criminal tactics including federal murder attempts to try and stop this Vatican endorsed food process from winning in America. This is the obvious proof that Wash., D.C. cannot reform itself into an honest national government until my proposed Omni Law is passed into law in America. It practices the God-given right taught in the Old Testament that God gave to mankind the right of referendum over national government. For those not knowing their Bibles, the Tribes of Israel voted by God approved referendum for what form of national government they wanted under David of Israel.
God is on the side of freedom for mankind on earth!
Pass this report around if you want America won back to God lost by lukewarm churches in America and will be won back by overcomer churches loyal to Christ who soon returns as their King!
Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for one who dares to propose that the American people be given referendum power over the federal government of Wash., D.C.!)


This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world. Actions are being done now to restore our world. Watch and become AWARE! Send comments/news to johnmachaffie@gmail.com 49 MILLION VIEWS, 3.5 MILLION PER MONTH Use CTRL & MOUSE WHEEL to widen view BACKUP SITE NOW LIVE http://www.nesaranetwork.com/ ——– THIS MONTH 50,000,000 VIEWS!

My Answer To The Viper King of the Rothschilds. From Erasmus Of America – June 6, 2014 – 4:02 PM

The viper king of the Rothschilds who are reported worth around $500 trillion or more I think blew his cover by commenting on my report “GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS.” In military intelligence work, people often identify themselves by what they state or how they state it. They identify themselves when they had not intended to. Some words that he used identifies that he came from a Jewish background. He identifies the members of Congress as scumbags and cowards like the rest of you cowards for that matter referring to you the American people that you are all cowards and scumbags as well according to him. He says that none of your Heathens are going to give up that mark “cause you got “no balls” which symbolically means no guts in any of your personal characters. “May God erase your worthless asses off this planet!” which is a front statement that once he has the upper hand, he is planning to kill off all the Americans who he does not want in America. This man is from a Jewish background and thinks that he will hold all the aces in deciding life and death for who lives or else dies in America. These are the words of the viper king of the Rothschilds who got upset when he saw my report “God Exists! Obvious Proofs!” His explosion of vulgar language is provoked by fear that the Christians and their churches might promote this report which could likely win America back to God and Christianity which is the supreme nightmare to all that he stands for in life or cares about.
Since the message of Fatima was evil according to him and not good along with the reported stunning Miracles of God I reported on, here is a good quote to read. The three children of Fatima reported the apparition of the Virgin Mary, Mother Of Jesus Christ, taught the three children of Fatima, Portugal this as a prayer to Jesus Christ for Christians to repeat, “Oh Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of your mercy.”
I do remember the words of Jesus Christ, “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” If the kingdom of Satan is now pushing good such as turning to Jesus Christ and warning mankind of the threat of hell as punishment for those who hate God and never want to live with God, it sounds to me that Satan has forgotten which side that he is on when trying to push good instead of evil. The three children of Fatima said that they were given a brief look at hell and it so horrified them that they could not watch it but for a few brief moments. They said they were given this view into hell on July 13, 1917 by the Virgin Mary when she opened up the earth so the three children could look into hell. The children reported, “We saw a sea of fire in which were huge numbers of devils and damned souls.” In horror, they screamed out in unbelievable pain and despair in hell.
Separately an angel appeared with these visitations six times. He identified himself as the Angel of Peace and taught the three children of Fatima this prayer for Christians: “Oh my God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You, and I beg pardon for all who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love you.” In many ways, it might be a summary teaching delivered at Fatima that God will consign the just to a place of everlasting happiness and the unjust to a place of everlasting torments (Matt. 25:31-46). Since the viper king of the Rothschilds indicates that the Miracle of Fatima in Oct. 13, 1917 is from the prince of evil and   also the Miracles of God we reported on with both the Catholic and Protestant sources comes instead from the side of evil, I comment strange that Satan would strengthen the faith of people in God and teach people to do good instead of evil in life!”
Also, since the viper king of the Rothschilds has to emotionally express himself with vulgar words of cursing this report, me, etc., he shows that he is scared to death of this report “God Exists! Obvious Proofs!” by Erasmus Of America ( my pen name is like Samuel Langhome Clemens who was better known by everybody by his pen name of Mark Twain not just in writing but in private life also when Americans referred to him!). What the viper king of the Rothschilds is afraid of is that the Christians and churches will mass push my report of “GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS!” He is afraid that if the Christians and churches will do this, they will then win America back to God and Christianity! As  old style sounder education is out of style in America today as kids often cannot do math now, cannot write in handwriting but only print in capital and small letters messages on paper, their knowledge of American history stinks in many cases, and many do not even know things like the national anthem, they are poorly trained in independent thinking to find the truth, etc. and easily brainwashed by teaching of the theory of evolution, etc. that there is no God!
I come along with a report so easy to understand why there is a God for real that this viper king of the Rothschilds panics that America might be won back to God and Christianity by this as probably all the adults and youths can understand this report if they see it! If America is won back to God and Christianity again instead of “politically correct” nonsense taught and pushed in the school systems, then suddenly the Rothschild organized brainwashing of the youth and adults of America collapses and the Rothschilds lose control of America as it becomes independent of them again in history where the Rothschilds no longer do the “politically correct” thinking for the American people who now again think for themselves instead!
Since by accident the Rothschild clan has endorsed my report as the most dangerous they have ever faced since they judge it can win America back to God and Christianity, I suggest the Christians take this obvious hint from the Rothschilds and mass push my report all over America until the enemies of Christianity have public opinion turn against them and the old values of America become the new values of America again as America has a rebirth into greatness and freedom in America.
I suggest copy my report “God Exists! Obvious Proofs!” By Erasmus Of America posted on Nesara News on June 4, 2014, add this comment summary to the end of the report and send this all over America! Time for the Christians to win for once instead of just hiding from opposing those who want to get rid of Christianity in America and then impose over America their version of tyranny in government as they don’t believe in the God-given rights America was founded upon in 1776!
My website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com My email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com My mailing address for those wanting to support us and do not use the website to do so, our address then is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for whether a product or else our loan program for passage of our proposed Omni Law posted on our website which grants to the American people the right of referendum over the federal government which restores control of the national government to the American people! And it takes freedom for the American economy to work right, not massive regulations and massive taxes! The Omni Law as shown on our website will straighten out the economic mess in America created by Wash., D.C. led by fanatics and stupid people promoted beyond their level of competence for leadership in government.
Pass this report around and we will put the report “GOD EXISTS! OBVIOUS PROOFS!” shortly on our website once we can get around to it! We are overwhelmed by things to do now, so a short delay on that!
Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that Christian leader not only Obama is afraid of now but also the viper king of the Rothschilds is apparently also now scared of me that I will lead the Christians to victory in America! The man who used the cussing to attack my report made mistakes that indicate who he the writer is. The king of evil in America is now apparently afraid that I will show the Christians how to win America back from him and his evil allies in America!)
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