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Saturday, May 31, 2014




I am sharing this forward comment with a copy of the Business Plan For Vatican Endorsed Food Process which I sent out to a primary source who says she has the connection to get this business plan below financed for between $200 million to $400 million to get the Vatican endorsed food process shown in below business plan financed right away. Blogs and private individuals are welcome to copy this and send or post to others. The business plan is totally copied except for a few names, etc. removed from the original report and my pen name of Erasmus Of America used in this copy whereas in the original business plan I used my regular name in life, regular street address I live at, etc.
Also, as the heavy support of Pope Pius XII is shown in this report below for this Vatican endorsed food process, I will comment that I think that he was a fine Pope for his time and tried to do what was right then as a Christian religious leader. As for the current Pope, I have tried to be charitable, but I find points of his I cannot go along with. I will pick one point as an example that I am a very independent Christian leader and thinker and I think Pope Francis has gone over the line in what I cannot support. As reported from the Pakalert Press and reprinted by Messiah’s Branch, Florence, Kansas in their June issue of The Prophetic News Service, Pope Francis has endorsed the RFID Chip for implant by all people who want to use it. Quoting Pope Francis, “We have examined the scriptures thoroughly, and conclusively say that there’s nothing to indicate that RFID Chips are Satanic in anyway. If anything, these devices are a blessing from God himself, bestowed upon humanity to solve many of the world’s ills.”
My comment is sometimes you need to also understand worldly sources of reference to correctly understand scriptures correctly for our times. Now where I drop my bomb! I knew personally some time back the federal electronic engineer (C.S.) who personally developed the RFID Chip for the federal government in Wash., D.C. He had won federal awards for electronic answers of his for the F.B.I., C.I.A., etc. He told me later that he had attended a top secret C.I.A. meeting which also had national leaders attend it. They were talking of tricking the American people by a potential engineered “Pearl Harbor” or some other excuse so all the American people would then take the RFID Chip under their skins. Once they got the American people to do this, then they could establish a total electronic police state over all Americans where they could spy on them 24 hours a day every day of the week for the rest of their lives and potentially know what they were doing, where they were at, etc. As C.S. commented to me , when he later became a Christian, he regretted ever having shown Wash., D.C. how to create a total electronic police state in America by use of this invented electronic chip. And he was afraid that he without knowing it then had invented “the Mark of the Beast” prophesied in the Book of Revelation!
I never told C.S., but separately I had the testimony of a doctor in medical research who tested this chip and found out that later it could potentially kill all who allowed it to be placed under their skin! And a terribly painful death at that! And the medical doctor commented death like prophesied in the Book of Revelation for those with the Mark of the Beast! He apparently was a Christian medical research doctor!
Pope Francis, I do not support a total electronic police state for America nor for the rest of the world, so strongly disagree with you on your stand endorsing the RDIF Chip as a fine idea for all of mankind to use! Enough mistakes of policy judgments like this and you may trigger off the rebirth of the Council of Constance(1414-18) , 16th Ecumenical Council of the Roman Catholic Church, which established the current line of Popes in Rome! I know my history of Christianity, Catholic Church, Protestants, etc. well. A prophetic warning. Do not offend greatly the conservative wing of Christianity both Catholic and Protestant or you may trigger off the rebirth of the Council of Constance which the line of Popes created by it agreed it had the authority to select the Popes if needed separate from any College of Cardinals!
Christianity doesn’t need a new Great Schism of Christianity created by bad policy decisions from a Pope not weighing enough the consequences of what he says as policy decisions for the Vatican. Pope Pius XII always weighed heavily what he said before he said it and he always backed the conservative side of Christianity representing the ancient values of first Apostolic Christianity. I have heard criticisms from some sources that the Jesuits today no longer stand for nor believe in the early standards of Christianity. I hope this criticism is not true as you Pope Francis  are also a Jesuit!
I have spoken hard words and did not want to make this public statement. I hope the future will not justify my potential prophetic warning above if the Vatican goes the wrong way. Don’t forget that even the Apostle Paul rebuked the Apostle Peter when he decided and started to go the wrong way in religious policy in early Christianity! Enough said and hope that things do not get out of hand by rash statements from the Vatican! Acts of charity are great, yes! Bad statements not good from the Vatican!
Yours for upholding the standards of early Apostolic Christianity today. I will uphold no other version of Christianity for this age. Jesus has not changed His covenant for mankind offered us nearly 2,000 years ago! Erasmus Of America (pen name for the son who got the Vatican endorsed food process from his father and discussed in the business plan below.)
P.S. As this Pope Pius XII endorsed food process below would be so good for the American economy and improvement of the national health of Americans, pass this report around with the business plan below to insure that corrupt elements in government do not try to block this giant new national and world food industry from being established in America now when so strongly needed by America today! Also, the world economy needs this and also the general health of the people in all nations of the world needs this now!




My great-grandfather was a brilliant businessman and came up with this concept of a return to the bread Americans had at the time of the American Revolution on up to part of the 19th century. He spent $500,000 trying to duplicate this early bread using modern milling equipment such as Hungarian milling rollers and failed. He left research notes for his favorite grandson who was my father. My father commented that these research notes showed what did not work which made easier  his research work in turn to make the bread his grandfather tried to recreate and failed to. The story of the family research to restore old fashioned bread to America was recorded in the extensive federal report on this entitled A4879 Congressional Record – Appendix June 19, 1957. The name of the Congressional report on this was “Old Fashioned Bread – Extension Of Remarks Of Hon. John Lesinski of Michigan In The House Of Representatives, Thursday, June 13, 1957.”
The report told how starting from my great-grandfather and ending with my father, my family spent up to around $5 million to finally succeed in creating the flour milling process my great-grandfather with vision tried to create but could not and then his grandson succeeded in making the family concept finally work.
This report among other things mentioned the endorsement of the Vatican under Pope Pius XII in the semi-official Vatican newspaper Observatore Romano with a long editorial by the editors which the Congressional report commented “the editors…have gone out of their way to publicize wheat-germ bread.” “Something big is happening.” — wrote Walter Persegati at the start of a long editorial…”A new white flour for a real bread has been discovered. This makes good news for humanity.” This report did not mention the following but separately Pope Pius XII had also endorsed this food discovery by my father as potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world.
Separately in the Catholic Digest, July, 1957 issue, it had the article “Real Bread Is Back!” by James C.G. Conniff. In that article, it publicized that Pope Pius XII judged this milling process to be so vital to the solution of starvation and malnutrition in the world that he contacted 25,000 Catholic priests and all Catholic bishops in the entire world and told them it was their moral duty to publicize this milling process to everyone they could. My father was Protestant but that made no difference to the Vatican position as the Cold War was on fighting for what side won the world or not. This same article reported the Soviet Union on behalf of Joseph Stalin had a standing offer of $5,000,000 for the process any time my family would teach them the secret to our trade secret family food process. And this $5 million had already been deposited with Chase Manhattan Bank of New York in escrow for any moment my father would agree to sell them the secret to the process.
My father told me separately the message from Stalin delivered to him by the Soviet spy service in America. Soviet engineers and scientists had tried to crack my father’s secret and could not. Stalin was intriguing in that he admitted that he tried to steal this industrial food secret and could not. His advisers had told him that whatever nation ended up with this food process could become the leader of the world as this was the greatest food discovery in human history. Stalin stated if he could solve the food problems of Third World nations, then enough nations would join the Communist side as to give Communism world victory and control of the entire world. The Truman Administration in alarm contacted my father and in the name of national security asked him not to sell his industrial industrial food secret to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union offer was far bigger than just $5 million. That was just the beginning of an offer that could have made my father super rich if he had agreed to Stalin’s terms. My father and I could both be classified as super anti-Communist, anti-Nazi, etc. and so never would we have agreed to give Communism world victory by possession of this family industrial food secret of ours.
If I cared not about America, I could easily have sold this to hostile foreign interests such as Muslim, Communist, or whatever and retired super rich for life. But moral values are more important than money by itself.
Long story to how this happened, but Nazi Germany had also tested this super health bread created from my father’s super health flour made from wheat. The Nazi test results documented by their scientists and recorded in their reports were later captured by Soviet intelligence when they entered Berlin ahead of America. The German scientists reported to Hitler that this super health bread could turn the Germans into for real “the master race” of mankind on earth. German students had their I.Q. ratings apparently even skyrocket when eating this special bread, their health became incredibly good, and their physical endurance was far better than German students tested on the regular German diet.        Separately university tests in America predicted that the American race and all others would later biologically collapse as the end of the human race on earth. However, this super health bread was the antidote which would keep the human race healthy and not go sterile and go biologically collapsed before too long in history.
The red flag from nature when mankind was to go biologically extinct is when the cancer rate gets too high. One of the latest medical reports predicted that as soon as 2020, all Americans will have cancer or have had cancer by then. Backing up those earlier university test results was a science book with a foreword written by Al Gore. They collected medical lab reports from across the world and these labs were reporting the human race would soon go sterile and extinct on earth unless an antidote was fast found on earth. My father’s super health bread is the antidote which university tests said would save the human race from soon biological extinction on earth.
Back to the Congressional Record Report. The U.S. Army had tested bread made from my father’s Vatican endorsed milling process. Unusual angle they tested! 83% of all U.S. soldiers eating this special health bread were polled as saying that this tested so good that they wanted no other bread fed to them. Separately independent bakeries skyrocketed in sales when baking bread from this super flour. Their sales were from word-of-mouth that this new bread tasted so good! Not in the Congressional Record but in a one year test at Culver Military Academy, Culver, Indiana, military cadets increased their bread consumption enormously when using only this at the military academy for the year as only this bread was available to them. They even traded desserts for more slices of bread unheard of before!They ate 250 loaves of bread versus 100 prior loaves of bread for the same time period. And when the test was over, they went back to their greatly smaller consumption of other bread available.
By interesting coincidence, the Catholic Digest, July, 1951, had an article “Our Broken Staff Of Life – which reported that a group of rats fed our Western diet such as “enriched” bread, also systemically developed every form of sickness and bodily weakness. They also suffered from nervous disorders and killed and ate the weaker rats among them. However. that group of rats fed natural foods such as bread which had not had the natural nutrition milled out of it, had no illnesses. no physical weaknesses, were fine, sleek, handsome, tame animals with good tempers, and good teeth, in contract to the rotten teeth of the previous mentioned group of rats tested in labs. For those religious, this bread from my father’s trade secret milling process fulfills the Bible prophecy of Exodus 23:25 of the bread that God would give to mankind which would drive sickness away from them. It also mentions water to do this and separate from my father I found how to make the water which is like from a Paradise or Garden of Eden and helps to create good health in those getting this water.
I was considered a “prodigy” in engineering school and so studied one week of engineering each day and kept an A average while doing this. I once worked with the most brilliant defense engineer of America during 25 years of the Cold War years and he thought I was the most brilliant engineering brain that he had ever worked with when we worked on a new ultimate weapon concept for winning world wars with. Disapproving of the bad policies coming from Wash., D.C, we never shared our weapon technology with Wash., D.C even though the Pentagon knew we had this technology. I had spent eleven calendar years in military academies, ended up in military intelligence, and was rated a super star in it when active. I got the top ultimate weapon design left over from Nazi Germany which I tricked out of a Nazi clique and this defense engineer and I completed the Nazi design and technology which I nicknamed “The Wrath Of God!” Someday when America is scheduled to be crushed in a world war, we will save America with this military technology reserved for that hour!
My mother had once been scored by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history up to then and entered a state university without prior formal education after learning how to read and write from her grandmother. She was a child actress and had no time for formal schooling. Probably a lot of my brightness in engineering comes from her! And also her father and my father were both two of the most brilliant inventive geniuses in America even though neither of them had every studied engineering in school! My grandfather invented around 700 things later used in America.
Brilliant people love me across America. I have available to me a brain trust of geniuses that Wash., D.C. might be envious of. The moment I give them the signal, I have all the super geniuses I need to even do better with my father’s trade secret milling process than even he did!
I did experiments with milling years ago and even found a few angles that my father never knew about. He had the super white bread as a super health product. Great! But I found out how to mill the Black Bread of Germany with this process and make a better loaf with it than they do in Germany. I once was in West Germany and in a rural area looking like a scene out of “The Sound Of Music,” I found the best tasting Black Bread Germany has and even in the big cities they cannot duplicate this family bread of rural areas and centuries old in tradition. In milling experiments back in America, I accidentally found out the secret to the super great Black Bread available in rural Germany but not the rest of Germany nor in America. I can duplicate it and give it shelf life which it does not have in Germany. It can be eaten for 4 days and then “oxidizes” as they call it in milling wording which means that it goes rancid and is then no longer good to eat.
I found out how to make the St. Anthony of Egypt Bread. He was born I think in or around 251 A.D. in Egypt, and starting from 20 until he died at 105 years old was probably the healthiest citizen in the entire Roman Empire. He had this special bread he made for himself and from 20 years old until he died 85 years later, this was all he ate and once a day after dark. He was never sick and so healthy they commented how he radiated physical health from 20 until he died at 105 years old. He proved if done right bread can be so nutritious for you that you never get sick while it is your only food to eat or need to eat in life. Of course St. Anthony of Egypt also drank water with his bread each day!
I also have many other potential angles on making breads starting with my father’s Vatican endorsed milling process for various grains and not just wheat! I also years ago got spelt (wheat) seeds from Canada. The bread made from it cured cancer and maybe anything else threatening the life of someone. When I can, I will try to multiply this stock and when we have enough then mill the flour for spelt bread.
I recently released on my national website two national reports on agriculture. One was “Building Mega Farms On Wasteland” which is the use of hydroponic tactics to outproduce regular commercial farming and create better quality nutritious crops. The other report I wrote was “Organic Farming Report” which shows how to use organic farming to strongly outperform GMO crops, etc. Suddenly I seem to be emerging as the one who may be rated as the top agricultural expert in America. I have foreign sources who want me to advise them such as for a giant agricultural farm project to be set up in Central America. I took research work of others and brought them together into unified agricultural systems for farming.
When I set up my father’s trade secret milling process, I flatly refuse to use GMO wheat, etc. which I consider to be a bad food product for farms to raise. That is why I will help American farmers with the quality farming they need to supply me the wheat, etc. I need and without resorting to GMO crops. I need top quality grains to release top quality flours to bake top quality breads with.
So no one would worry whether I was the son with the Vatican endorsed food process, I ran several hundred large national reports on Nesara News ( which is one of the largest national blogs in America with over 49 million views by now. I started in April, 2012 and still run national reports with them. I used the pen name of Erasmus Of America as I have probably the largest private scientific and engineering library in South Carolina and one of the few largest private technical libraries in America and don’t want people to locate me too easily and try to steal this library maybe worth $1 million if all the books were new. This library is so we can work with new angles on the Vatican endorsed food process and never have to use outside engineers to advise us on engineering details to carry out new ideas of ours. I publicized my father’s Vatican endorsed food process in many of these reports and the F.B.I. knows well who Erasmus of America is. They say nothing and I am not arrested because they know that I am the son with the Vatican endorsed food process I have heavily reported on in a number of these Nesara News posted national reports. Like a chess player looking ahead, I am the real son or else the F.B.I. would have arrested me long ago. Also, I claim an extensive military intelligence background in some of these reports and if my statements were false, I would have been arrested and charged long ago. A fraud can’t do this and get away with it! I am exactly what I claim and likely have the largest military files on me of maybe anyone in America. When America was facing a pending nuclear war in 1990-91, the F.B.I. came to my large retail store then in Seneca, SC, talked frankly with me and said their F.B.I. computer files on me said I was one of the ten or so top military intelligence experts in America and America was facing pending World War III if I couldn’t help Wash., D.C. find an angle how to head off World War III for America. I helped them and kept America out of a pending World War III. I reported on this 1990 help of the F.B.I. in one of my national reports seen all over America and the F.B.I. kept quiet as usual as they knew I was legally covered and never committed any fraud in what I legally said in my national reports.
I have a heavy background in business and once owned my own small factory in Pennsylvania. I twice took about $1,000 and within 12 months created two basically $100 million national markets for two generic product concepts I came up with. How I marketed then was a trick system I invented based upon common sense and I can use the same marketing system again to establish my father’s Vatican endorsed food process all over America and all over the world very fast!
If possible, I want to locate my food industry in Virginia and in the mountain area close to (name withheld). This is roughly the closest shipping location to two-thirds of the markets of America. We will build a huge industrial area there and Wash., D.C. should agree as I trapped them by my national reports where they would be mud in the public eye if they did not work with me. I lived in Wash., D.C. for years and know how they operate in the real world. We will build our own milling equipment to help protect what is the trade secret system that my father invented. I am very good at security operations and our trade secret system will remain secret including from Wash., D.C.
I once worked for a large bakery operation in Wash., D.C. and learned the bakery business angles that my father had never experienced. I will be heavy in bakery operations nationally and worldwide as well as the milling side of this pending national and world food industry I will establish in America. In May, 1943,
Fortune Magazine had a powerful write-up on my father’s great food discovery and told how the University of Chicago helped confirm that this was potentially a “nutritional revolution” for America as they called it. Also, this article said that powerful interests wanted to stop my father and wanted to use Wash., D.C. to be their front to use dirty trick operations to try and block him if they could. I won’t go into the details but for a long time Wash., D.C. policy was to try and block this  to help protect (name withheld) , (name withheld), etc. as they couldn’t compete against this once mass released! (If they behave themselves this time, I might be willing to sell flour to them for their bread!)
I am sharp at law and my reports exposed the Washington tactics used before to try and block this from America and the world. They are in checkmate now and will not try any tricks now to block the reestablishment of this Vatican endorsed food process. This was a legal game of chess and I have won checkmate against any opposition in Wash., D.C. now. I hold all the aces and have a reputation of engineering legal upsets when I want to.
The business plan now made easy. We build our big food industry likely in or near (name withheld), VA. We use the original trade secret process but have improvements on it such as cheap electricity not available to most industry, more versions of the flour and we also can have our own independent bakery products which my father never had. I am a super salesman and like when in the insurance field, I started as an insurance salesman and three months later was made the regional manager of a 49 state area for a large multi-billion dollar insurance corporation. I move fast when I have the hand to play!
We sell at a decent profit but use smart tactics to keep our costs down so we sell at a decent price while also making a decent profit. With huge profits as we will see as this grows rapidly, we will back worthwhile things to expand the economy, improve the nation or internationally, arrange food help in troubled nations, and do all sorts of things to make this a better world to live in for mankind! I will pull in brilliant people to work with me. I believe strongly in what my mother said, “A good leader is a good evaluator!” I am not dumb, but also I am smart enough to listen to other very smart people and I always believe in backing the smartest idea regardless if my own or else that of someone else! The object is to win for the cause, not feed my ego or that of anyone else!
I Martin Hunter have the national website of My private email for this business plan is (not listed. But can use ) My private phone no. for now will be (not listed here). Leave messages there. Then I can call back by cellphone once the time is right. My postal address is NIFI (which is for National Institute For Inventors). P.O, Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . My street address is (not listed) , Seneca, SC . If you are going to back me, would appreciate a quick $100,000 advance so I can pick up two small spots close to my house to move part of my library, etc. to as I am overrun now lacking enough space for the huge library, some milling equipment, etc. that I have located here. All this would be moved to (name withheld) or wherever once confirmed. Wash., D.C. pulled some rotten tricks in the past such as stealing $525,000 from me to stop me from starting up the Vatican endorsed food process then. I am too big now and national due to my national reports since April, 2012 so now they have to behave themselves and pretend that they would not have pulled some of the dirty tricks they did pull to try and block me from reestablishing this Vatican endorsed food process in America again!
My father who was a multimillionaire was conned into an ambush by the other side which broke him in business and bankrupted him then. I don’t fall for such tricks and the food industry will be set up smoothly if heavily financed now. Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI which is the business branch and retail front for my corporation of PD Distributors, Inc. and incorporated in South Carolina as of December 28, 1982. I hold total control of this corporation so will use it to buy corporate assets, handle finances, etc. to keep everything quite legal and get this food industry set up in America as soon as possible! Also, ethics requires me once things are moving to train several of my trusted technical personnel into how the entire trade secret food system works. I am very healthy but still this food discovery is too important for mankind and far more important than if I live or die once this is all set up! I am totally dedicated to this as my lifetime work. The board of directors or trustees I set up will possess all authority for this food industry once set up!
Sorry if I went over 5 pages, but a business plan like this has never been seen before in American history if I am correct. Best Regards, Erasmus Of America (pen name rather than street name used in original business plan)
(One brilliant man saw this business plan after it was submitted and thought it very powerful. He wants to join with this food industry as soon as opening available! He also has brilliant friends across America he could recruit to work for this food industry once set up! And he is a great American patriot and a strong Christian in character! He and I would work fine together as a team!)
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