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Under Pope Pius XII, the Vatican endorsed that my Father’s discovery in a super health food was potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve all malnutrition and starvation in the world. And my Father was not even a Catholic! A number of years ago I was experimenting with one version of the milling process my Father had invented to retain the full nutrition in wheat and keep it from spoiling in what is called the “oxidation process” in food products. I had had an ache in my body for maybe 10 years or so and having many medical books as references, I knew the medical field would want surgery on me if I let them. About 20 minutes after eating this super health bread I had made with this trade secret process of my Father using wheat from South Carolina, I felt for a moment a wave of a mild heat which was health spreading throughout my body and knew that this regular pain in my body I had had for probably 10 years or so had been suddenly healed. I was correct and this constant pain of every day never came back. My scientific analysis of what had happened is that this super health bread I had created was deliberately even stronger in concentration than the bread that had been on the American national market for 10 years using my Father’s trade secret flour milled from wheat. It had some trace nutrient in it in sufficent concentration which was likely mineral in content. As soon as my body got this trace mineral if I am correct on what happened, my body got what it needed to repair the damage in my body which at times each day could give me a mild attack of pain for that day. Suddenly my body was able to repair itself and so this was the last time I ever had this daily pain. I think that nutrition was a nicer way to end the problem that being cut open in surgery and having part of my internal organs cut out by medical theory how to stop this problem. This incident suggested to me the theory of my body and yours of Doctor Body to heal all our diseases and repairable injuries by use of the correct nutrient or nutrients the body needs to repair and heal itself with of any ailment or else disease in the body at that time.
I have over the years done more experiments with this “Doctor Body” theory and concept of mine how to heal all problems with the body by means of the correct nutrients to give the body what it needed to repair and heal itself of any problems hurting or else threatening the life of the body if not solved in time. My theory and concept seems to always work when I locate the right nutrients that the body needs. My theory was born based upon two realities I considered to be scientific truths. My constant pain of 10 years or so was suddenly healed within minutes once I correctly supplied my body the correct nutrient or nutrients it needed to repair the organ that was causing this daily physical pain in me. It never came back once I gave “Doctor Body” what it needed to work with and heal my body of the problem within it.
Also, reading the Bible I read that mankind was designed by God to never have to have disease until man sinned before God and the earth became cursed by God in the soil, etc. so man would now have disease, etc. because man had rebelled against the commandment and will of God starting with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And in Exodus 23:25 God promises that if a people will turn with loyalty to God, then God would bless their bread and water and drive all sickness away from them.
And I believe that man should return to the full Christianity clearly recorded in the many Christian writings of the first 4 centuries of Christianity which I call “The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity” in my book I wrote by that name carried on my website. And is it an accident that I ended up with the super health bread promised by God in Exodus 23:25? I doubt it! God knew that I would have integrity towards the Christianity founded by Jesus Christ and so God saw to it that I would have the bread product promised mankind in Exodus 23:25. God does not make mistakes like this and give away to the wrong party the top secret of God for the good health and survival of mankind on earth! By the way, I have something my Father never had which is the blessed water for good health also promised by God in Exodus 23:25. I have the answer to that and it can increase the raising of food on earth and making it healthier to eat than without it. Tests have already verified this. When my Camelot Project is built, then I will probably release this super health water promised by God for mankind in Exodus 23:25.
The alternative to this God blessed bread and water for mankind is listed in the Old Testament. When a people are gravely sinning before God, God will curse their bread and break the staff of life in it so it does not deliver good health nor stamina to us.
However, our Exodus 23:25 blessed bread is told how to make it in Bible Code in the Old Testament. My father told me that it was listed in the Old Testament and after enough Bible research, I found the coded engineering and my father had been right about this in the Bible! I had studied engineering with an engineering school and recognized why the engineers would not spot this in the Old Testament of the Bible!
Our flour and bread will use this super health water promised in Exodus 23:25 instead of regular water in treating the wheat or other grains and in treating the bread baked from this super health water. Genesis indicates what special property God-blessed water had to have. We found out the secret which apparently applied to water from the Garden of Eden. Four of us tested in 2000 this super health water. It tasted much better than regular water and seemed to heal anything we tried it on. We restored the “life force” to water that water would have had in the Garden of Eden to help insure perfect health for Adam and Eve when living in the Garden of Eden also called Paradise as early Christianity taught was the other name for the Garden of Eden. A number of Bible scholars seem to be confused that Paradise is another name for Heaven. Early Christianity taught as Jesus did in parables that Paradise is a different location than Heaven proper where God directly reigns from. And Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be with Jesus in Paradise the same day that they died. And Jesus did not resurrect from the dead until three days later having already been in Paradise first!
Only later according to the New Testament did Jesus leave the earth to go to Heaven and join God the Father!
Now Wash., D.C. is apparently playing with some bad economic policies that could end up crashing the value of the American dollar both internationally and within America itself. The moment my father’s Vatican endorsed food process is reestablished in America which Wash., D.C. in colossal corruption colossally fought me to block me from reestablishing this in America, American money can once more be the most valuable and desired currency on earth. Better this than the hyperinflation Obama wants to set America up for so the economy can potentially collapse and Americans like the Germans did after World War I under hyperinflation had to pay enough German Marks to fill a wheelbarrow with even one to four million German Marks where previously two to four German Marks was enough to buy a loaf of bread in Germany then. The book “World In Trance” tells how terrible it was to live in hyperinflation in Germany under the Weimar Republic. This German hyperinflation rallied Germans behind Hitler as he promised a way to restore the German economy to sound standards and prosperity! Americans don’t want to learn by personal experience what hyperinflation would be like in America!
The planned RV of foreign currencies should greatly bless the American economy once Obama allows this to happen! However, fast pass my Omni Law so I can make sure that Obama and crew cannot find some way to turn this blessing of the RV of foreign currencies into hyperinflation and wipe out all the benefit to America from an RV of foreign currencies. This can bless the economies of nations across the earth so long as Obama doesn’t mess it up and trash the American economy by pathetic Communist style policies from Wash., D.C. from Obama.
Back to nutrition! I found out yesterday more information on the Moringa Tree Of Life seeds I am now starting to sell through my website. It sounds to me like we located the best version of the various species of these seeds for these Trees Of Life as they are nicknamed because of all the healings and nutritonal blessings of those who have these for a supplement to their daily diets. In some parts of Africa with no doctors, they will grow Moringa Trees even in their back yards to keep them healthy as there are no doctors closeby and experience as they judge tells them that the seeds and leaves from these trees can keep them alive and healthy instead of dying without doctors to help them!
I was talking on a cell phone in a noisy location yesterday to one of the top experts on raising these Trees Of Life as they are nicknamed due to reported results by using them as a daily food supplement. I think I heard it right of a special feature these seeds I am getting have which maybe other species of Moringa Trees do not have. Let’s say that they may well be the golden version of seeds for this type tree. If I heard correctly the special feature this version of seed I am getting has which other seeds of Moringa Trees apparently does not have, it might be smart to hoard these seeds while available. They can safely store for years before growing trees from them! They may later be worth even $100 and more per bag of 100 seeds if not available any longer. It sounds like I located the prima donna of these tree seeds. There is only limited production of these seeds versus other species of these tree seeds. I will confirm later what I understood I heard yesterday of a secret about these seeds other species of this same tree may not have if I understood correctly. If so, I will later when the dust settles contact those who got this version of tree seeds from me. They will have to sign and agree not to disclose to others the secret to these seeds which makes them the best in the world. They may strike the mother lode of gold in what these seeds are worth and we will have cornered the market on them  for our supporters. We can for now supply these seeds for orders coming in. But at some point, our supply sources will have reached their limits and we will then buy these seeds from those who raise these trees from our seeds in America, Canada, maybe even Russia if the international events calm down at some point.
It was fine when America believed in its “Manifest Destiny” and grabbed enough land to make America many times bigger than the original Thirteen Colonies. But the most horrible thing in the world is when Russia wants some of lost Russia back when the people in that area considers themselves to be Russians and want to rejoin their Motherland of Russia! And reports I received indicated that Wash., D.C. secretly financed the uprising in the Ukraine and backed Nazi elements who want to kick out of the Ukraine all Jews and dismantle the Russian Orthodox Church in the Ukraine. And the shooting that occurred at Kiev may have been an old Nazi trick where you do the shooting and then blame the other side for the staged incident. I don’t know all the final facts, but Obama has this terrible itch to start World War III.
I spent eleven calendar years in military academies and know the relevant facts to what can potentially happen if World War III breaks out. I cracked the security of the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies years ago and I probably pretty well know the same nuclear attack tactics as Putin studied in Moscow. Moscow had two ways of annihilating America with as little as one bomb. And watching the Pentagon, I wonder if they are living in fantastyland as I don’t see the right moves to counter what Moscow is capable of at this time. I don’t want this but if Obama is going to get America into a hot nuclear war, I suggest that the Pentagon sees that I am appointed temporary military regent over America until the threat of nuclear World War III with Russia is over. And to calm the Russian side down, I am not interested in any nuclear war with Russia, but rather “let us reason together” as the Bible teaches, but would overnight make America so strong as the price of real estate is suddenly too high for Russia to buy by military means. And all sides would now think that peace makes sense for all sides involved. It has been stated that “War is but an extension of politics.” So let’s have politics that does not lead to a nuclear World War III! I think that many will read this health report. And I do not care to live in a crashed American economy nor an America drawn into a nuclear World War III because our military amateur Obama does not realize how serious world war is and the potential price that America and other nations may have to pay if Obama triggers off World War III by miscalculation! I am also using this health report to carry necessary economic notes and pending nuclear World War III notes as a way to warn America while pushing the health issue that malnutrition is the cause of all diseases based upon scientific evidence I have seen over the years.
Back to your health! I am not dumb in health issues and angles. However, my luck in finding the right answers in health goes beyond ability in my own opinion. God dumps into my lap the most powerful answers available on earth for the good health and long life of mankind on earth. God intends that I will have the right answers for the good health and life of mankind on earth. And I am smart enough to listen to the smart, really very brilliant answers, in health God has inspired some on  earth to find out about. To God goes all the glory! I am just smart enough to listen to the brilliant answers in super great health by the correct foods that God saw that I would have access to. So from God’s treasury of brilliant answers in health and long life for mankind that God wants mankind to have, I will show you some key answers as circumstances allows me. Even Albert Einstein mentioned God in some scientific discussions such as asking “How would the old man (God) do it?” as a way to drive home some scientific points. In the tradition of Albert Einstein who was not dumb in science but brilliant, I also mention God in this scientific report when it helps to drive home some scientific point about health for you the American people and other people on earth!
My proposed Omni Law is on my website. My website is The listing of the Tree Of LIfe Moringa seeds I have for offer is in the Products listing on my website. The regular seeds are great for a food supplement for better nutrition for your daily health and you can grow great trees from these seeds and feed your family with them or else sell your surplus seed to me as my national market grows. The seeds already grow like lightning into trees within a year of planting and by the next good break in weather you can potentially even start harvesting your seeds from your trees! The enhanced seeds go through two natural processes that increase their effectiveness as a food supplement for you and increase your ability to fully absorb effectively all the nutritional value in them. But don’t buy them for growing trees from as the regular seeds work just as well for growing purposes and cost you less. The way the regular seeds are sold, really you could use them for your daily diet for as cheap as one seed each day for 3 1/3rd months using one of our 100 seed bags. each day daily which is cheaper than almost anything I know about on the national market to be used as a nutritional supplement for your daily food diet. And a hint. If orders get too heavy on these, at some point demand may exceed quick supply and then you may have to wait for more shipments to reach us before we can fill your order later on. Get these bags of 100 seeds now while they are easy for us to get. We already have sent out some of these seeds and as soon as our latest shipment arrives, then we ship out more packages of these later this week. We think something big has started. Scientific charts on these seeds show them to be ovewhelmingly loaded with nutrition versus other food products and a wide variety of nutrition which people have judged healed them of all sorts of diseases and ailments. Private testimonies were impressive but not official FDA medical approved reports were involved. A trick I learned years ago in Wash., D.C. how to grow tropical trees anywhere in the world I will share with my customers and how you can use this trick to raise these trees even in Alaska or Siberia if you wanted to! And within a few months of planting the seeds fast growing into tall trees, you can even use the leaves off of them for nutrition even before the seeds appear soon afterwards. And cut the trees at like 10 to 12 feet instead of letting them grow up to maybe 18 to 20 feet, you can make them grow like bushes and mass cover an area and easy to harvest from as they will not be extremely high to harvest from. What you cut off can be planted to raise more extremely high trees or else make them bush high to fast create your own forest of these trees. These grow easily in even what is rated poor soil for growing other things with!

My email address is My mailing address for orders sent in by mail instead of through the website is NIFI at NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the order is for as well as shipping address, etc.
As it looks very likely Obama may try to engineer hyperinflation in America and ruin the value of American money in the process, I studied with six of the most brilliant economists in the world including a German economist who was personally endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th Century. He taught scientific free enterprise based upon what worked super great in national economics in prior economic history. No idle theory, just what worked before in history and super great! The only way the power elite could keep you from super prosperity in America was keep you in ignorance of this economic history or otherwise basically everyone would be able to be rich in America and not huge numbers living in poverty or else still hard times economically in America. Your school courses have been censored on the super dynamic tricks of free enterprise which have worked so well before or else the super wealthy secret financial clique running such as America couldn’t keep so much of America either extremely poor or else slightly above poverty at best in America! As soon as the Omni Law is passed, the American economy skyrockets and based upon sound economics which worked super great in history before, but censored from you to keep you poor or else making far less in life than the income you would earn under a truly free enterprise system but run by ethics instead of national corruption of Wash., D.C. As I read years ago one of the power elite secret reports, they told the strategy how they mass robbed a nation by keeping it poor and used this for their advantage! They can’t take all this stolen wealth to the grave with them and afterwards, but apparently they don’t believe that! They don’t like me because I believe in wealth created by honest means, not through corruption!
Pass this report around and give America a future instead of a potential national funeral under Obama! He is overwhelmingly the most radical leader that has ever occupied the White House! And his answers are unsound for America! Sound good, but pure poison in application!
Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for the economist who believes in running the American economy by honest policies and not by the corrupt policies of bought off Wash., D.C.! If American businesses were run and managed as poorly as Congress and the White House run the federal government today and national policy, then soon all American businesses would collapse and America go bankrupt as a nation in the process! Pass the Omni Law and good times will then come to the American economy!)

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