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Wednesday, September 11, 2013






My website went under very calculated hacking attack starting this last weekend for three days. When we started correcting the damage done by the federal hacking attack, one or more hackers were trying to block us from undoing the damage done by this very professional attack. Because of the style of hacking used, it is a trademark of a certain federal hacker we are familiar with, it seems to be the standard attack method by the federal front man who on behalf of his group of hackers threatened me with murder in the name of Obama to try and stop me from pushing my national drive for passage of the Omni Law. This would force Wash., D.C. to become an honest government again! Of course he had to represent the White House secretly in the murder threats in the name of Obama or else Eric Holder would not be legally protecting him from federal arrest for murder threats over the internet and other felonies that he committed trying to stop us from rallying the American people to pass the Omni Law which restores control of the federal government back to the American people.
And commenting on another person. The only reason I have not jacked the federal lawsuit figure up to $90 trillion now is I suspect but do not know yet for sure that one unidentified source was a federal plant trying to trick the people by saying I should not be trusted because he said I said I would be willing to sell out the American people by allowing one energy answer of mine to be bought by oil cartel interests if they had wanted it to own for their own purposes.. There are many excellent answers how to put the oil cartel out of business already so the sale of one answer I had really made no difference. And I did not serve them if I did sell it to them. The angle was I am a driving force in America and if I did not push it, then slow as the American people are in supporting those who can turn the tide of America around, the oil cartel could gamble on the inertia of the public to not get stirred up to back something else which could unhinge the oil cartel from power. I was angling that my father’s Vatican endorsed food process needs to be reestablished again and as soon as possible as university tests of years ago predicted the entire human race on earth will soon collapse and cease to exist like the dinosaurs on earth if this great food discovery was not added to the human diet in time. If I had the finances which Wash., D.C. had stolen from me, I would already have had this food industry started again in America. Sometimes to save the human race from potential extinction, you give up one valuable asset in order to have the means to save the human race from otherwise collapse on earth and the end of the human race in history.
Now getting back to the hacking attack which obviously was federal as the style of attack showed the motive for it. They wanted stopped my report on Building Mega Farms On Wasteland which is a very major breakthrough on agriculture and how to end famine in the world by means of this super agriculture which is also super budget in application if done right. If the American people get my report on Building Mega Farms On Wasteland, it also gives the angles so ordinary Americans can even set up miniature food farms in their apartments, houses, etc. If the people can back themselves up with self-production of food if necessary, a major plot for the overthrow of America is itself overthrow instead of the American people. The documentation is there that the Agenda 21 program is for real and its intent is to kick all the American people out of their apartments, their houses, their businesses, etc. and all crowded into Agenda 21 settlement communities so half or more of all the land of America can be turned over to the UN or other foreign sources as a gift of Obama and co-conspirators in the federal government. The way to break the American people in order to surrender their private property is to engineer a national famine where food is not available for the American people. But if they give up their homes, businesses, etc. and move into the Agenda 21 settlement communities, the promise is that food will be available for them there. This nationalization and giving away of half or more of all the land of America to foreign sources is to be done in the name of “the environment” to protect it from humans but reserve it for ants, beetles, roaches and other species of life far more important than human beings on earth.
This is intended to be a power grab and backed up by a federally engineered national famine. But if too many of the American people can produce their own food if necessary and even in small of areas as apartments, with food the people can resist the federal drive to drive them like cattle to the federal settlement communities set up for Agenda 21. It is clearly implied that this goal for America is among these agendas Obama has or else why did it arouse fierce criminal activity by feds under Obama to try and stop the release of this very powerful report on Building Mega Farms On Wasteland? It covers big farms, but also opens the door for even tiny farms inside of apartments to produce enough food to keep American families alive in their own homes if Wash., D.C. under Obama tries this famine trick on the American people so he can herd them like cattle into what are non-admitted concentration camps called settlement communities where the government totally controls you if you move there.
With the heavy apparent federal hacking of our website, this implies that Wash., D.C. under Obama wants to try and find some way to block this revolutionary report on super high powered food methods at budget prices from reaching the American people. We therefore state while you know you can get this report which in future Obama “1984” style America if he can get his way, he would not want you to get then, get this report now while you can. Among other ways, it shows two ways you can even produce up to 10 times more food produced per acre of land than by conventional farming methods. These results can be done with this new super powerful approach to farming but not the old conventional method of farming. I will put in one qualifier here. A number of foods can be raised with even up to this 10 times multiplier effect, but not all. It depends on how you have to raise the food crop involved with by conventional or else this revolutonary method of super farming.
Because they don’t always think things out legally in Wash., D.C., to have used a form of terrorist tactics these last few days trying to block the release of this super agriculture report nationally and worldwide, they have violated the legal terms of the Genocide Treaty which applies to U.S. law because Pres. Ronald Reagan signed it into national law. Wash., D.C. can now legally be charged worldwide for genocide conspiracy for blocking the reestablishment of my father’s Vatican endorsed food process nationally and worldwide. And now added worldwide attempted blocking of this super agriculture revolution report “BUILDING MEGA FARMS ON WASTELAND” constitutes major violation two of the Genocide Treaty for Wash., D.C. engaged in a conspiracy now to kill countless millions of people worldwide by denying them the means to raise enough food to feed their entire populations with in their nations. UN arrest warrants can be issued for Obama, Eric Holder, and others in the federal or even state governments if they tried in any way to block the effective release of this report either nationally or worldwide. Time to back off federal dirty trick operators. You may end up getting your bosses arrested for worldwide genocide conspiracy and also yourself either facing lifetime imprisonment under the Proxmire Act which is the American statute version of the Genocide Treaty or else if tried abroad, every nation in the world can charge you with genocide conspiracy in their national courts as well as the Hague, etc. and even execute you for trying to murder their people by Wash. policy under Obama.
Life suddenly gets a little serious for our would-be criminals and gangsters working in the federal government in Wash., D.C. Time to sit by and do nothing if you are smart. The F.B.I. has been smart in all this. They have sat silently by and since what I am doing is legal, they have not tried to invent legal excuses to try and harass me. If you will notice in my legal notices, I have not listed suing the Director of the F.B.I. for damages wherever other heads of federal agencies are in deep legal trouble right now where I am getting ready to “legally hang” them as they say in legal symbolic language.
Okay folks, a game of power chess is going on in America. This super agriculture angle can save the American people from Obama being able to carry out the Agenda 21 to kick the American people out of their apartments, their houses, their businesses, etc. Order this report now as this knowledge destroys the power of the would-be schemers against the American people to make them helpless before those trying to destroy America from within through Wash., D.C. The report that arms the American people with powerful knowledge to save their own lives and that of their families, close friends, etc. is “BUILDING MEGA FARMS ON WASTELAND” BY ERASMUS OF AMERICA (my pen name and this report makes me “THE FATHER OF THE NEW WORLD AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION” because it is so important to the future survival of the human race. And my father’s great food discovery endorsed by the Vatican as potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ is the other great family answer needed by the whole world for national and world survival. Apparently for reasons unknown by me God picked this family to solve the food problems of the world in two great discoveries that will affect and potentially save all mankind on earth in a physical sense. God does the spiritual saving of mankind, not us. We are merely the servants of the Will of God in the food future man is to have on earth.)
My website is committed to promoting and getting passed the Omni Law which restores control of the federal government to the American people. One of our first acts once the Omni Law is passed is an interpretation of law on the side of the American people and not Wash., D.C. change of original legal meanings. The RV of foreign currencies occurs at any moment, we will treat as non-taxable the exchange of one currency for another as the equal monetary value is maintained in both currencies. If Obama tries to tax this, you get all your tax money back so long as the Omni Law is passed soon into law. This legal interpretation will release enormous sums of money into the American economy and give America a giant new industrial revolution where millions of new and good jobs will be created in America and end of any semi-depression (they don’t want to call this bad economy by its real name) in America and a boomtime then hits America blessing all of America. By the way, when I referred to “The Inverted Inflation” trick of economic growth used by Nazi Germany to skyrocket their economy, this in no way endorses anything Hitler stood for. Nazi intelligence picked up this suggestion by Bernard Baruch at the end of World War I how to skyrocket the American economy and no one in America listened to him as it was party time in America after World War I was over. But Nazi intelligence threw this up to Hitler and his advisers. They thought it smart, put a few German touches on it, and then codenamed it “The Inverted Inflation” which eliminated virtually all unemployment in Germany overnight and then Germany suddenly had the fastest growing economy maybe in the world. If Obama crashes the American economy, with passage of the Omni Law, we could get the American economy back on its feet overnight by the original Bernard Baruch American version of “The Inverted Inflation.” Bernard Baruch worked for very evil interests but two times he offered advice which could help America. President Harry Truman listened to one suggestion from Bernard Baruch which kept the American economy from collapsing after World War II but Truman never got credit for using brains here.
The following paragraph shows the documentation that the GMO policy being aggressively pushed by Obama can end up wiping out all food crops in America and spread until it wipes out all food crops in the world. Once the Omni Law is passed, we address this problem with GMO policy and save agriculture in America and abroad before it is too late to save mankind from univeral worldwise starvation due to worldwide collapse of agriculture due to our idiot Obama in the White House.


Part 1
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Kr7anPdk8cw Part 2
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZtbQ2StOVY&feature=player_detailpage Part 3
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phXXhbunI3o&feature=player_detailpage Part 4

Orders placed through our website through Sept. 13, 2013 get a free bonus copy of this report Obama wanted suppressed in America “Building Mega Farms On Wasteland” By Erasmus of America or may be ordered directly at any time for $25.00 from our website. Or can be ordered directly as well as other products or our loan programs for you to participate in to help pass the Omni Law faster in America through regular mail by sending to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for whether products or for a loan program of ours. Through Sept. 13, credit is tripled in our Omni Law Loan Program. Read the offer on our website www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com
Promote this report all over America and create potential checkmate on Agenda 21 which is Obama backed for nationalizing the private land of America and kicking all Americans out of their homes and private property into federal concentration camps which will be given different names such as federal community settlements(also called resettlement camps) but of course totally controlled by the federal government like an anthill to live in.
Push the Omni Law all ways that you can. The obvious includes contacting members of state legislatures and members of the U.S. Congress and ask where they stand on passage of the Omni Law. With public pressure building, they will get the message and when it gets too hot for them politically, the Omni Law will be passed. Can be passed by Congress and submitted to the states for ratification. Or else the state governments propose and vote for this first. Congress is required then to convene a constitutional covention for effective ratification of this by the states. Congress could be abolished by such an act, so will quick pass the Omni Law as a constitutional amendment proposal by Congress and submitted to the states for state ratification.
Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for that patriot Wash., D.C. couldn’t silence neither by federal murder attempts nor other dirty trick operations by Wash., D.C.
The tactics of feds under Obama shows that he is afraid of me and hopes that I won’t rally the American people to pass the Omni Law. But I am betting that the American people are smarter than he thinks and in support of my bet, larger numbers of people are swinging into support of me across America. This should be only a question of time until I win. And heavier finances makes the victory sooner in America!)

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