As Anderson, well known Washington correspondent once wrote, Wash., D.C. had known for over 40 years that alcohol was as good a fuel as gasoline. However, our government was out to please the oil industry, so pretended it didn’t know that alcohol is a fine substitute for gasoline. Since New Zealand had no domestic oil supplies, Chrysler sent their cars prior to World War II modified to run on alcohol instead of gasoline. And in 1936, they solved the problem of starting these alcohol driven cars in cold weather by putting heat on the intake manifold under the float bowl. Once the engine was running, it had no further problem running on alcohol even at 20 degrees F. below zero and ran fine in any weather conditions.
An earlier version of this article was fought to suppress it nationally. Apparently the oil boys didn’t want the American people to learn how to get their auto and heating fuel for as cheap as 10 cents per gallon, even for free if you go all the way with the economy tricks. Even farmers can learn!
During the Arab oil embargo of 1973, surplus oil shipped from Africa, etc. was refused entry into America and had to be diverted to Canada, etc. This is how they created a fake oil shortage in America in 1973 and raised the price of gasoline in America without the American people catching on to the national trick just pulled on them. And in the January, 1980 issue of Reader’s Digest (30 million copies in January, 1980), they printed two articles documenting that another oil shortage in America claimed caused by Iran was actually a hoax engineered by the U.S. Republic. There was no real “Energy Crisis” as claimed by Washington propaganda. Instead, according to the Reader’s Digest, Washington, D.C. put tremendous pressure on all oil sources to not buy sufficient oil for the domestic needs of America and Washington, D.C. rewarded the oil sources for shorting the supply of oil for America. This was how Washington, D.C. conspired with the oil interests to raise gasoline prices again in America through trickery on the trusting American people. Actually, other oil producing nations increased their oil production to counter-balance the Iranian oil shortage threat, but Wash., D.C. didn’t want this surplus oil to be allowed in America and didn’t want the American people to know that there was no shortage of oil for America as falsely claimed by Wash., D.C. lying like fury to the American people. And a third gasoline shortage may be tentatively planned for 1995. They are introducing a new, lower performance gasoline that can undermine the present performance of your car and you will pay more for it per gallon. They plan to force you to buy it by removing the other versions of gasoline from the national market. As the Greenville News reported on Oct. 22, 1994, this may lead to gasoline shortages and long gas lines in America like happened in 1973.
The S.E.C. in Wash., D.C. suppressed at least 50 high gas mileage systems in America that threatened the oil cartel in America. The U.S. Postl Service years ago among other things suppressed the Fish Carburetor that ran on gasoline, alcohol, or kerosene and independent tests showed increased gas mileage for cars up to 30%. So unless you are super naive and gullible, you figure out whether Wash., D.C. is interested in serving the American people or the oil cartel so cozy with members of Congress, federal agencies, the White House, and key executives of the national news media.
Who makes these charges? Top secret intelligence files in Wash., D.C. credit me with twice saving America from pending nuclear World War III with the former Soviet Union by razzle dazzle tactics that tripped up Soviet intelligence, once cracked Soviet security, and obtained for American defense the top secret nuclear attack plans against America prepared by the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies, once tricked Soviet Intelligence into thinking America was going to suffer a later civil war so cooled their war plans against America and waited for the civil war that never occurred, and in 1990 when stuck, the F.B.I. came to me to ask me to solve who was behind the plot to assassinate Gorbachev when he arrived in San Francisco before this could trigger off World War III with the former Soviet Union. I solved the mystery for them and other intelligence services and showed them who was behind the plot to set America up for a pending nuclear World War III with the Soviet Union. I am a sharp boy in intelligence work and show the score!
1. Gasoline 70 Parts, Benzol 20 Parts, Methyl Formate 10 Parts
2. Gasoline 85 Parts, Methanol (Wood) Alcohol 15 Parts
3. Gasoline 60 to 90 Parts, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol 10 to 40 Parts
4. Methanol 50 Parts, Acetal 25 Parts, Gasoline 25 Parts
5. Gasoline 70 Parts, Alcohol 30 Parts. To this mixture add 6 Parts Isoamyl
6. Gasoline 60 Parts, Alcohol or Benzol 20 Parts, Acetone 20 Parts
7. Alcohol 40 Parts, Benzol 40 Parts, Gasoline 20 Parts
ADD 0.5% to 1% of the following mixture to gasoline to improve it:
Napthalene 1 Part, Alcohol 5 Parts, Acetone 10 Parts
NAPTHALENE 100 Parts, Anthracene 7-1/2 Parts, Phenanthrene 2 Parts. Add 30 grams of the above mix to each 5 gallons of Fuel Oil to increase heating efficiency.
If you use more than a half & half mixture of an extender, be sure to put some brand name gasoline additives in your tank. You can buy these at any auto parts or department store auto parts department.
Anti-Knock Agent For gasoline. ADD 4 cc of the following mixture to each gal. of gasoline: Kerosene 40 Parts, Iron Carbonyl 40 Parts, Diglycol Stearate 20 Parts.
Anhydrous Alcohol 91>8 Parts, Benzing 8.2 Parts
By enlarging the fuel jets in your carburetor by 40%, you can run your car on straight alcohol or alcohol and water instead of gasoline. A car can even run on 60% alcohol – 40% water mixture, but a ratio of 70% on upwards is best. You can run an oil furnace on alcohol or alcohol and water by increasing the size of the heater’s fuel nozzle about 25% – a 90 degree nozzle works best – and then decrease the air adjustment until the flame is burning smoothly. It will burn with a clean, hot, almost invisible yellow flame. For more complete details on coverting your car engine to run on straight or either gasoline or alcohol as desired for your car, send for the $15.00 course on homemaking your own auto and heating fuel listed below.
The two cheapest mash ingredients to make homemade alcohol for fuel purposes: If on the farm, probably your own grown bushels of corn or wheat. If in the city, probably your neighborhood wastes (organic garbage) such as fruit and vegetable peelings; or anything else that will support fermentation into alcohol.
Brewers’ yeast as sold by health food stores or Fleischmann’s Yeast as sold by local grocery stores will produce up to 18% to 20% alcohol in a mash mixture before the alcohol kills off the yeast.
The two cheapest ways to distill alcohol from fermented mash are either a solar still (can be built as cheaply as $20.00 (1994 prices) and is described in our course listed below) or The G.I’s Special From World War II which is to take a bottle, fill it with a liquid partially containing alcohol, put it into a snowbank or else stick it outside in freezingv weather (32 degrees F. or 0 degrees C. or below). When the water froze, it would sink to the bottom and the alcohol would float to the top. This made virtually pure alcohol!”
Both the solar still (which is a heat process) and the G.I. bottle trick (which is a freezing process) cost nothing in fuel to distill alcohol. Technically, a person correctly set up could even produce his or her alcohol for free by using free organic garbage and a cost-free still to operate such as a solar design or a free freezing process. HENCE FREE AUTO AND HEATING FUEL IS POSSIBLE! And you can legally distill alcohol by obtaining a federal permit for fuel purposes!( 1984 statement of federal policy then!) (2013 notes added. Vaporize alcohol and you can increase gas mileage as any engine run on combustible fuels basically runs on the vapor of the combustible fuel plus the correct air mix to support the most efficient combustion possible. A strong electric spark encourages stronger combustion. Adequate air mixed in with vaporized fuel supports the most efficient and fuel saving combustion. Find a way to safely heat the fuel to be combusted and it turns into vapor better. Among tricks inventors have used is run a metal fuel line through the radiator system so the hot water heats up liquid gasoline or alcohol in this case so it combusts better in the car engine. When fuel combusts better, less fuel is needed at any given moment and yet done correctly you have all the power you need for your car. One technical warning here. Any combustible fuel turned into a vapor and mixed with air can be highly combustible if leaked out of the car so have one or two people who know how to handle cars well help you design a safe way to keep your fuel lines secure and protected against vapor leakage. Among tactics that some have used with any version of vaporized fuel is have one fuel line inside of another fuel line which is metal for protection against any fuel leakage. All information in this report is for educational purposes only and not for final advice as we will not be there to supervise you to see if you read and understand technical suggestions correctly. We supply experimental information for those who want to experiment with inventions, but all legal responsibility for how you might use this information is yours and not ours. That is why we suggest you get one or two people who are good technically with cars and with their help and advice, you then proceed if you want to convert your car, etc. into alcohol powered.
In this legalistic age, we have to be legal in statement when talking about experimental information for would-be inventors in America. In capsule form, one simple example shows where people do not always use common sense. Understand this and you can experiment with vaporized fuels so long as using common sense. All cars run on vaporized fuel. But it is not vaporized prematurely before the engine is ready to use it and combust it inside the running engine. You take a can which carried gasoline and you empty out the can. You still do not light a match by the can with the can open to the outside air. Even fuel cans looking empty might still have vaporized fuel left inside but you don’t see it. Vaporized fuel combusts efficiently with a spark. That is why it is good for maximum fuel economy meaning you go further per dollar spent on fuel for your car. But just handle it safely as your car already handles safely fuel that will be vaporized in part in your engine. If your car totally vaporized gasoline or alcohol, your fuel mileage could greatly increase as was demonstrated in tests by Shell Oil over in Europe over the years. End of comment.)
If ordering the course on homemaking alcohol fuel, the cost is $15.00 by mail plus 6% SC sales tax if ordering from South Carolina. Send orders to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us payment is for “homemaking auto fuel course. However, we have added this course to our website, so you can feel free to order from the website if you want to. Also other products are listed on our website you are welcome to order! Our national website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com . Our email fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com And we suggest to send in an email saying “Add me to email list.” Of course, give us your email address and name as we will have special releases at times. And by helping to circulate this report, you put intense pressure on the oil cartel to not raise gasoline prices in America.
You may distribute this report to friends and others you think should see this in America and abroad!Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the one with many answers to solve the Energy Crisis of America and abroad. We will help the oil cartel to update their services to better serve the people everywhere. And with alcohol established as a real alternative if gasoline gets too expensive in the world, this will help the economies of nations across the world to not have runaway inflation due to fuel costing too much for nations.)






Shows angles how to get your supplies to make alcohol even for free!  And how to build a solar-powered alcohol still run by free energy.  The big debate in first car industry was whether to run cars on gasoline and alcohol?  Back then gasoline was cheaper. Now alcohol is cheaper!   And you can do this legally because federal law allowed alcohol production for fuel production.  Report is 11 pages 8×14 including diagram showing how to build the solar still which is cheap and easy to build.   [BRIEFLY – FREE ADDITIONAL BONUS REPORT]  How one car was modified to go from 18 1/2 mpg to 94 mpg and was cheap to modify car.  Written so even non-technical people can understand.

PDF REPORT  – $15.00


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